About Me


My name is Christina. I am a Mother , Sister and Daughter.

I have been doing photography for 10 plus years. I am driven by the love of this craft and as a photographer my most challenging job is to stay invisible, stay out of the way and let my images speak for themselves. Most photographers focus on their own vision but I make sure to bring each person’s vision I work with to life. It’s beautiful to work with people’s ideas and make sure you come to sense on their own vision and what they want to see captured. Working with others is key and to bring life not only to your vision but to theirs is true talent.

What's New

- Sitter Session Special -

Summer Theme 
- In studio or outdoor water bucket
- 8 free images 
- 30 min
- one look for session 

- Gallery of 25 photos

Regular price is $250

Dates Available 
May 7nth, 9nth and 15th

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